Ciabatta with apple, mustard and Chicken Chunks

Ciabatta with apple, mustard and Chicken Chunks
For 4 servings.

1 box Chicken Chunks
1 ciabatta
1 Granny Smith, sliced
2 tbsp tarragon-mustard
3 sprigs tarragon
2 tbsp sour cream (vegan)
1 grilled bell peppers (from a jar), cut in strips
a handful of arugula
the juice of half a lemon
oil for frying
pepper and salt

Parchment paper
Kitchen string

Bake the Chicken Chunks in a little oil until they are golden brown, season with salt and pepper. Let the Chicken Chunks cool down. Drizzle the apple slices with lemon juice. Mix the tarragon mustard with sour cream. Chop half the tarragon finely and add tot he mustard mixture. Bring the sauce to taste with salt and pepper.

Slice the ciabatta lengthwise. Add the mustard sauce to both sides. Cover the bottom half with arugula, apple, Chicken Chunks and the grilled bell pepper strips. Sprinkle with the remaining tarragon leaves. Close the roll and wrap in parchment paper. Tie the bread firmly on three places with string. Cut the bread between the strings into four pieces. It’s also a nice sandwich for a picnic. Bring a knife and slice the sandwich in pieces on spot.