Truffle Salad with Smoked Bacon Bits

Truffle Salad with Smoked Bacon Bits
For 2 servings.

1 box of Smoked Bacon Bits
3 tbsp oil for frying
½ tbsp agave syrup
2 Romaine Lettuce, cut into large pieces
1 stalk celery, diced
¼ celeriac, thinly sliced
4 tbsp lupine beans
2 slices of (old) bread
1 handful of walnuts, coarsely chopped

125ml unsweetened soy milk
2 tbsp mustard
½ tbsp agave syrup
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
pepper and salt
250 ml of sunflower oil
50 ml of nut oil
½ tbsp truffle tapenade

For the dressing, mix the soy milk, mustard, vinegar, agave syrup, salt and pepper in a bowl. Add the oil and stir. This is best done with an immersion blender. Add the truffle tapenade, if necessary, add a splash of water. Make the croutons by cutting the sliced of bread into equal pieces and  fry in a skillet, using the olive oil. Fry the Smoked Bacon Bits, turn off the heat and add the agave syrup.

Mix the lettuce, the celeriac, beans, walnuts and croutons in a bowl. Add 5 tbsp truffle dressing to the salad. Last but not least: sprinkle the Smoked Bacon Bits on top of the salad.

Bon Appetit!