Mexican tacos with Chicken Chunks

Mexican tacos with Chicken Chunks
Preparation time ± 30 minutes
For 4 servings

2 boxes of Chicken Chunks
8 tacos
300 grams of corn (canned)
200 grams of black beans (canned)
2 spring onions, in thin rings
½ green bell pepper, diced
½ red bell pepper, diced
1 red chili, finely sliced
1 red onion, in half rings
1 tsp spicy paprika
15g fresh coriander, chopped
10 grams of fresh mint, chopped
2 tbsp olive oil
juice of 1 lime
oil for frying

Drain the corn and black beans. Put all the vegetables and the chopped herbs in a dish and add the olive oil and the lime juice, mix well. Fry the Chicken Chunks on both sides on medium heat until golden brown and crisp. At last, sprinkle a teaspoon of paprika on top and fry briefly. Heat the tacos in the oven at 180 degrees for a few minutes. Scoop the salad into the tacos and add the fried Chicken Chunks on top.

Nice to serve with (vegan) sour cream!