Product information
We proudly present the first Dutch Bratwurst. The vegetarian sausage was invented in 1918 by German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. He called it the Friedenswurst. King George V of England granted a patent for the soy sausage on June 26, 1918, after the "German Imperial Office of Patents' had denied the patent because there was no meat in the sausage. A lot has happened since then, with this new Bratwurst being highlight for the time being. Just as juicy and spicy as its German namesake, but totally vegetarian. Eat it in stews, in a stir fries, casseroles or on the run.

67% soy structure (water, soy protein, wheat protein), onion, rapeseed oil, free-range chicken egg protein, herbs and spices, starch, sugar, flavouring, dextrose, salt, colour: caramel, iron, vitamin B12

Fry or grill the (preferably) defrosted Bratwurst on medium heat in oil or butter until nicely browned. Turn the Bratwurst while cooking so all sides colour evenly.

Extra information
Contains soy, gluten, egg
Produced in a facility that also processes peanuts and nuts.
Thawed products can be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days, in sealed packaging (4 °C ).

Nutritional value per 100 g
Energy (kcal/Kj) 152/636
Fat (g) 8,8
  of which saturates 0,8
Carbohydrate (g) 2,7
  of which sugars 1,1
Fibre (g) 2,5
Protein (g) 14,4
Salt (g) 1,7
Vitamin B12 (µg) 0,5
Iron (mg) 7,0