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Help write history with the Vegetarian Butcher and contribute towards the construction of the revolutionary new production plant which Jaap Korteweg and his team aim to build in Breda. Business is mushrooming: from just one store in 2010, the Vegetarian Butcher has expanded to 3,000 sales outlets in 14 countries, enough to justify the construction of our own production plant.

The Vegetarian Butcher was voted 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year, was awarded the Triodos Hart prize, received high approval ratings for the NIMA marketing awards, won the Smaak van Nederland award with its vegetarian smoked eel salad, and received the bronze medal in the 'golden meatball' competition run by De Telegraaf newspaper, fighting off competition from 43 other entrants using real meat.

Driven by an ambition to become the largest butcher in the world, we are now issuing a bond loan to help finance the construction and installation of the new Vegetarian Butcher production plant. We will pay interest of 5% on all bonds for the production plant, maturing over a period of 7 years. Those who purchase bonds will also be eligible to a 5% discount on all purchases from the concept store in The Hague or from the webshop. Explicit mention of your name on the production plant in recognition of your support is also possible.

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Investing in the Vegetarian Butcher can be done in four easy steps:

Decide on the number of bonds you wish to buy
Bonds are issued at a value of €500 each. Each and every bond you buy will go towards construction of the Vegetarian Butcher production plant

Enter your details
Open an instant, free-of-charge account at the NPEX trading platform.

Pay by means of bank transfer from your account
The money is transferred to Stichting NPEX Bewaarbedrijf and, once allocation has been finalised, converted to Vegetarian Butcher bonds.

You can trade these or make further deposits via the NPEX platform
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Investment risks

A decision to buy Vegetarian Butcher bonds must always be based on the full prospectus. Check out the prospectus for the Vegetarian Butcher Bond Issue here and read what risks are involved in investing in the Vegetarian Butcher bonds. Please note: the investment falls outside the supervision of the AFM. There is no licence requirement or obligation to publish a prospectus for this activity.




1. The biggest food revolution ever

It was during an outbreak of swine fever that Jaap Korteweg, a 9th generation organic farmer, decided to give up eating meat because he was sick of the sight of animals being slaughtered. He realised that meat consumption was bad for animals, nature, the environment, climate and biodiversity and that in just a matter of decades there will no longer be sufficient meat to feed the world. At the same time, after reading scientific research, it also became clear that with the current global acreage of arable land, it would be possible to feed an extra 4 billion mouths should crops for cattle feed and bio-fuels no longer need to be farmed. 

But Jaap still missed his meat experience badly: its taste, texture, bite and nutritional value. He was unable to find a good substitute. For that reason, he decided to sit down with a 'concept-maker', scientists, leading chefs, butchers and trendsetters and come up with plant-based meat that could not be distinguished from real meat. The product became a huge success and newspapers around the globe started to sing its praises: the New York Times, the NRC Handeslblad, the Huffington Post, de Volkskrant, The Independent and Trouw, to name but a few.

This, and the exceptional quality of the latest generation of meat substitutes, has helped put the Vegetarian Butcher firmly on the map. From its humble beginnings in The Hague, within the space of 5 years, the business has mushroomed, with over 2,600 sales outlets in 13 countries. Enquiries from many other countries have also been streaming in, with requests for the Vegetarian Butcher to supply them too. Leading Dutch supermarket chains, such as Jumbo, Coop and Albert Heijn are aware of this burgeoning demand for the new meat substitutes from the Vegetarian Butcher, so much so that building its own production plant was the logical next step.

2. More organic, more 100% plant-based

At the moment, the Vegetarian Butcher's production is spread over a number of production sites. The new Vegetarian Plant in Breda will give us more possibility to develop our line of 100% plant-based products and enable us to manufacture certified organic products more easily, for which there is growing demand. What's more, we can welcome a wider public into our demo kitchen so that we can introduce more and more people to food chains that do away with the need for animals.

Together with The Peas Foundation, the University of Wageningen UR and Delft University of Technology, the Vegetarian Butcher is devising new methods of production which will allow products to match the characteristics of meat even more closely than was possible in the past. Not only that, use will be made of locally harvested crops, such as Dutch organic soya and lupin beans, as well as regional vegetables

Your support in realising this new production plant will not only help spearhead a revolutionary new development towards a more plant-based (and so more animal-friendly) society, but you can also look forward to much bigger returns on your investment than the banks currently offer.

Furthermore, as a bondholder you will be eligible for a 5% discount on all purchases from our concept store or our webshop, plus - if you wish - an explicit mention of your name on the production plant in recognition of your support for this sustainable development. It's not without reason that Natuur & Milieu - an independent body committed to creating a natural and sustainable environment - is campaigning alongside us to make this new production plant a huge success!

3. Meat remains a product much in demand

Lots of people like meat. And many people are averse to the texture of the previous generation of meat substitutes. The only way to persuade consumers to part company with meat is if 'meat' from plants is at least as tasty and provides other benefits, for example, it's healthier and better for the climate, nature, animals and global food supplies. India, for instance, is a country with 500 million vegetarians, but with greater prosperity comes an increasing demand for products like chicken, simply because meat consumption is associated with prosperity.

Our biggest challenge is to persuade consumers, not only in western countries, but those in emerging economies such as India, China, Brazil and Russia too, to experience the possibilities of a plant-based future. For humans and animals alike, it's a matter of life and death, quite literally. For that reason, speed is of the essence. Our aim is to ensure that new-generation plant-based meat substitutes become available worldwide in the short term. Our products are currently even being sold in South Korea! The leading trendwatch agency, JWT Intelligence, cited the Vegetarian Butcher as being one of the most outstanding examples in the development of new meat substitutes. Our breakthrough in the Netherlands has been so overwhelming (and turnover still continues to grow rapidly), that it must be possible to supply the rest of the world. Our new production plant in Breda can be instrumental in the next phase, not least because production will be cheaper and more efficient. In this way we will be better able to compete with meat, a product which is still being sold at near giveaway prices. We believe that while meat prices will rise significantly, the price of our meat substitutes will probably head in the other direction. There is a world to win out there.

4. It's your plant too

Indeed, as a bondholder you will also become a bona fide co-owner of the production plant, but the money you'll be spending will be helping towards a more plant-based world. Being co-instigator of this extraordinary development, the fact that you have done something positive with your assets, without going through the banks, but directly, will leave you with a great sense of satisfaction. With your money in the Vegetarian Butcher, you will receive interest every month, 5% annually. Why do we pay out more than the banks? Because we want to build up a following of loyal fans. What's more, we'd prefer to share our profits with our customers than with the banks.

Of course, investing your money is never wholly without risk. For that reason we would advise you to read our prospectus carefully before signing up. This will give you a more exact picture of what the bond issue involves, and the opportunities and risks associated with it. You can find the prospectus here.


5. The future is plant-based

The Vegetarian Butcher is the brainchild of Jaap Korteweg, who runs a successful organic arable farm in the Dutch province of Brabant, has established a wind-energy cooperative, was a founding father of precision agriculture projects using GPS, and developed a nature reserve on agricultural land. Jaap firmly believes that plant-based diets will play a key role in the world's future and for that reason has staked all his money on the development of plant-based meat. Just like HP once came from horses and is now generated mechanically, and just like alarm systems used to consist of watchdogs in the past, Jaap aims to free animals now kept for production and slaughter from the food chain. It's an ambitious plan that begins with taste. According to Jaap, "the biggest obstacle to a plant-based future are meat and dairy substitutes which lack taste. Anyone who tries a poor-tasting meat or dairy substitute is unlikely to come back a second time. For that reason, my personal mission is to produce only meat substitutes that taste even better. Up to now, that's been the case and I'm absolutely delighted. Our new production plant will help give an important impetus to these developments."

Jaap Korteweg was voted Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015.
The future looks bright indeed!

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